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Dancers tim & KathyDancers, Tim & Kathy, have been entertaining in Senior Living Homes for over 12 years. They are long time dancers of Old Time Music. The greatest planning goes into providing the best entertainment for our seniors.

If you would be interested in Dancers, Tim & Kathy, coming to your facility to perform,
please contact us by Email for more information at :  

It all starts with good music picked from a vast assortment of Waltz, Fox Trot, Schottische, and a few polkas. The music is put together forming a 30 minute venue. Each facility provides the dancers with approximately a 20 x 20 dancing space in their activities area. The residence are brought in and placed around this area.

Once everyone is seated and ready. Tim or Kathy announce themselves to the residents and where they are from. Then the music starts and the dancing begins. Tim & Kathy dance around an oval circle as the music plays.
Dancers 1
oktoberfest picTim & Kathy provide several different special venues. One of these venues proformed in the months of September and October is their Oktoberfest theme. The dancers dress in German style Lederhosen and Dirndl. The dancers play a wide variety of German songs and dance to the music. They also provide banners and items related to Oktoberfest.

Another one of our dances is what we call the RP dance or Resident Participation dance. Here we push the resident around in their wheel chair to the music or we go to each resident hold their hand and dance to a waltz in place. The resident sways their hands back in forth to the music. It sure brings many smiles to their faces.
chair waltz

SP PicWhen we get toward the end of our venue we try and do what we call an SP dance or Staff participating dance. This is where we ask one of the staff members to come out on the floor and do a real simple dance that takes 3 people. This really gets the motivation going and the residents really love watching this dance. This is just a small part of the entertainment we perform with the residents.

When Christmas time comes around Dancers, Tim & Kathy, provide a special treat for the residents. We play 3 or 4 different Christmas songs within the venue and sing along to the music of Christmas. The residents are asked to sing along if they want. This venue is usually done between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also do our RP dance with the residents.Xmas Pic

This Webpage Is an addition to and maintained by Tim WestemyerPolka Dancers Tim & Kathy are entertainers that preform
around the North East Iowa area.