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I will be adding more old pictures soon so please check back

Becksterfest is an event held each year on the first weekend after Memorial Day. Becky Livermore and Terry Ard are the promoters of this event. It is held in the Amana RV Park in Amana, Iowa. This 3 day event brings in some of the best polka and old time bands from the midwest. To enjoy a blast from the past you can browse these pictures in the Gallery.

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2007          2008          2009          2010                  2011

2012          2013          2014          2015         N/A

N/A          2018          2019          ****         ****

Ellsworth Polka Festival
The Ellsworth polka Festival was held at the county fair grounds in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. The event was held once a year on the 2nd weekend of July. Since 2016 this festival no longer is held. Below is a few memories of this festival.
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2006          2007          2008          2009         2010

2012          2013          2014          ****        ****

Humboldt Polka Festival
The Humboldt Polka festival is held each year over Memorial day weekend. The event is held on the fair grounds in Humboldt, Iowa. This is a 3 day event that brings a fantastic line up of polka bands from the midwest area. Below is a lot of my memories of the past up to the present. 

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2006          2007          2009          2010         2011

2012          2013          2014          2015         2016

2017          2018          2019        ****        ****

Duncanfest is an event held each year at the Duncan Community Hall in Duncan, Iowa. This festival is a two day event with a special Friday night pre- festival potluck and music around the campfire gathering. Campers and anyone else can attend this potluck with plenty of food then enjoy listing to great music by a mix of musicians jamming around the campfire. Then the next two days brings the best of polks and waltz music to the ballroom for fun music and dance. Then on Sunday the Duncan queen is nominated toserve  as embassador of Duncanfest for one year.

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2006        2007        2008        2009        2010

2011        2012        2013        2014        2015

2016        2017        2018        2019        ****

Polka Party Rochester

The Polka Party in Rochester Minnesota is held each year on the 1st weekend of November. This Festival is considered to be the Creme de la crème of all dances and festival of the year. People come from all over the Midwest and farther to this dance. This event is host to some of the best polka and old time bands around. The 3 day event starts on Friday and runs all weekend. If you like to dance then this is a must see event.
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2009        2010        2011        2012        2013

2014        2015        ****        ****        **** 

Misc. Events
      Bob Miller Fundraiser 2019    St. Joesph's Dance 2019      Oelwein Fundraiser Dance Mar 2019
  Springfling Croation 2009      Springfling Croation 2010     50 Years Of Music (Mike Simon)

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