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Meet Don & Truly Judisch

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       Don and Truly are from Clive, Iowa, just west of the big city of Des Moines, Iowa. Don & Truly are vivid dancers and enjoy traveling to distant places to hear the music of Barefoot Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen. Don says he has traveled up to 3 hours to a dance in Wahoo, Nebraska. I asked them if they have any other favorite bands. Don said they were all good and he also has a few favorites like Malek's Fishermen Band, Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen, Karl's Country Dutchmen. Truly said she likes The Barry Boyce Band.

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Don & Truly are members of the Polka Club Of Iowa. They enjoy helping out with dance demos at care centers and assisted living facilities. They also helped with the dances at the Waukee High School Oktoberfest.

Don & Truly 3 Pic I asked them what kind of music they liked and Don told me he liked to dance to Waltz, Polka, & Foxtrot. Truly said she likes to dance to Foxtrots. I asked them if they liked any other kind of music and Don said on an occasion he might listen to some Old Time Country.

Don & Truly are both around 75 years of age. They have been married for 53 years and been dancing ever since they got married. Don comes from a German background & Truly is from a Scotch, Irish, English, Dutch, & French background. 

Don told me that his parents both loved dancing and as a kid he remembers going to dances with them.  Truly's parents did not dance. As for their children Don said that none of them dance to polka & Waltz music.
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I thanked Don & Truly for the interview and we all went back into the dance at the Turner Hall in Keystone, Iowa. As I continue to interview these fantastic dancers I am amazed at how they continue to enjoy this fine music & dance. I hope someday when I am 75 years old that I will be able to dance like they do.

This Interview was done in compliance with
Don & truly Judisch on March 23, 2012 at
the Turner Hall in Keystone, Iowa.

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