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Meet Melvin & Phyllis Fredrich

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Melvin & Phyllis Friedrich from Algona, Iowa, have been married for 67 years. They were engaged for one year prior to being married. Phyllis grew up listening to old time music. She learned to dance at a young age. They both enjoyed dancing after being together and continue to this day.

Phyllis enjoys waltzes and foxtrots. They both enjoy a polka once in awhile. 
Melvin who is 89 years old now,
says as they get older they slow down a little more. Phyllis, who is 85 years old, agrees with Melvin. Phyllis & Melvin's favorite band is the Malek's Fishermen Band.
They go to most of their dances when close to their home, like Duncan and The Bandwagon in Minnesota. They also like Adam's Jolly Jammers and Squeeze Box with Mollie B. They enjoy going to The Bandwagon most of all. They see a few younger kids there and like the idea of them getting involved in this music.
Melvin & Phyllis celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary a couple years ago and had the Malek's Fishermen Band playing music.

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.They have a grand daughter who came from Colorado who was really getting interested in the music and dance. Phyllis said she was dancing a lot that night.
Fredrich4 Pic  She is not certain if her grand daughter is still interested in this music.
Melvin told us that he hopes people will come to these dances and support the bands. Without the bands the dance will no longer exist. He has no idea how to get more people interested in polka & waltz music. He said it is good exercise and people keep in shape with dancing. He credits their wonderful ages to their wonderful dancing.

This interview was done in compliance with
Melvin & Phyllis Friedrich on April 28, 2012 at
the Duncan Community Ballroom, Duncan, Iowa.

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