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DATE: 07-15-2013
SORRY, we are late with this issue dances have been slow getting out to
Spring Festival Wahoo, Nebraska
 the award is named in honor of Frankie Yankovic.  This award “recognizes those who provide exceptional service to polka music and whose contributions and service to polka music has been instrumental in sustaining the polka genre.”  Sonny Svoboda from the Polka America Corporation (PAC) presented the award to this year’s recipient, Ron Nadherny.  Besides promoting the music, Ron played for two years with Whoopee John and for many years had his own polka band and an orchestra.  He is a        
 Sec 1  ~   Spring Festival At The Starlite
  Wahoo Nebraska  
 Sec 2  ~   Special Addition Frankie's
  Wahoo Nebraska  
 Sec 3  ~   Duncan Spring Dance
  Duncan, Iowa  
 Sec 4  ~   Cashton Bash Festival
  Cashton, Wisconsin  
Spectators Look On  Sec 5  ~   Ellsworth Annual Polka Fest
  Ellsworth, Wisconsin  
Spring weather signals start of Midwest Polka Fests!

It was a treat to again have good weather in the Midwest so we could travel to a spring dance.  This was a 3-day polka fest in Wahoo, Nebraska, at the beautiful Starlite
 head back to Iowa on Saturday night.  What a good time we had at the Starlite Ballroom.  Thanks to Ron & Darlene for organizing this event.         
~~~Marilyn Herrick
 Ballroom.  The fest began Friday night featuring Gary & the Ridgeland Dutchmen Band.  Those who attended Friday night said there was a big crowd and Gary’s band was at it's best.  We arrived at noon on Saturday.  Several were there from the Des Moines area – Don & Mae, Paul & Norma, Don & Marcielle, Gerri, John & Bonnie.  We recognized several others from Arcadia and Lake Robbins dances.  The Saturday dance was from noon to 8PM.  The Ridgeland Dutchmen Band began the event and alternated with the Dave & Lois, The Top Notchmen.  There were several hundred in the crowd dancing and enjoying the music. We were also privileged to be there for the presentation of this year’s “Frankie Award” for the Nebraska division – Summer closed in us pretty fast. We now have several polka festivals behind us. We savor every one of them. We look forward to the upcoming festivals and most of the Oktoberfest's in the fall. Yet we don't want to rush the summer along. Please stay safe and dance to stay healthy. We want to see all of you at the next polka festival or dance.
Lots Of Dancing On The Floor
 trumpet player and drummer.  We congratulate Ron and thank the PAC for recognizing the work of these people!  During the afternoon, Gary Brueggen invited last year’s Frankie Award recipient, Mark Vyhlidal, to join him on stage and play with the band.  Mark on tuba and Mark’s son, Jacob, on drums played with the band for several songs.  What a treat! While the fest continued into Sunday with The Top Notchmen and Dean Hansen Bands, we had to ~~~Tim Westemeyer
Don, Mae, & Paul
EXTRA ADDITION: More on the frankie awards from Wahoo by the PAC
The "Frankies" are a National Service Award, through Polka America Corporation, which recognizes those who provide exceptional service to polka music, and whose contributions and service to polka music has been instrumental in sustaining the polka genre. Nominees are selected and voted on by the Polka America Corporation Officers and Directors.
This award program and use of Frankie Yankovic's name and image has been authorized by Ida Yankovic, and is endorsed by the Yankovic family.
Ernie Daigle - Massachusetts
Accepting The Awards
Ron Nadherny - Nebraska
Article was submitted by Ed “Sonny” Svoboda, PAC Board  (PAC) Polka American  Corporation
Duncan Spring Dance
I visited with many of these dancers. They were enjoying both bands playing polkas, waltzes, two steps and even rag songs. There was also a Two Step Mixer and Circle Schottische. The floor was full with dancers on all dances. I estimated to be about 200 people here. The participants came from Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska,Wisconsin, Iowa, and North Dakota. One of the dancers will be celebrating his 90th birthday next month. He and his wife drove to Duncan from Algona, Iowa. There was also food available. You had a choice of maid rites or roast pork sandwiches, chips and
Lee & Cherry Dancing
Matt's Dakota Dutchmen
On April 14, 2013, The Duncan Community Hall sponsored a Spring Fest Dance. The day was blustery with strong winds and heavy intermittent rain. There could not have been a better way to spend this spring day when you had to be inside, anyway. The dance started at 12 Noon and continued til 6Pm. The two experienced bands playing were Matt Hodek's Dakota Dutchmen out of Lanken, N. Dakota and Malek's Fishermen Band from Garner, Iowa. Members of these bands drove here from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and of course North Dakota. The Dakota Dutchmen started the celebration playing a polka. In a couple of minutes the floor was bouncing with polka dancers of all ages. There was even a young mom out on the floor holding her 6 month old daughter in one arm and her 2 1/2 year old daughter hanging onto her other hand and dancing to the polka music. This mom was Kim, who also plays in the Malek's Band. Needless to say all 3 of them were smiling and laughing and having a great time.
“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest. The only thing that could spoil a day was people and if you could keep from making engagements, each day had no limits. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.”
~~~Ernest Hemingway
Malek's Fishermen Band
 popcorn with your beverage of choice. The people putting on this event were all volunteers. They were all gracious and also dancing a bit and visiting with everyone.  This was a fun place to spend a Sunday afternoon!
~~~ Kathy Hulse
Kathy & Elaine
Cashton Bash 2013
The Annual Cashton Bash was held Friday and Saturday, April 19th and 20th, 2013. This event was located downtown Cashton at The Historic Community Hall. The festival started Friday at 4Pm and ended at 10Pm. Gary Brueggen & the Ridgeland Dutchmen were up on stage first. At 5:30 Pm Neal Zunker & The Music Connection were on stage. There were many dancers out warming up the dance floor and having a great time. This was fabulous music. There were also many observers watching the bands and dancers. Every polka band has their own enjoyment watching the dancers with all the different styles of dancing. I especially enjoy swing and polka and today there were many couples out dancing these steps and having a great time showing their talent. The bands also played a couple of mixers which gave people a chance to dance with other partners. I danced with a talented boy who is in the 4th grade. This young man, Phillip, dances polka, waltz, 2 step, and line dance. I danced with him at another dance a few months ago so we danced again. Phillip loves dancing polka and 2 step and he does with such grace.
Great Group
He said he has a couple of other friends who also like the dances, but were unable to be there today. There were beverages and sandwiches and snacks available. It was great seeing parents enjoying the time with their young children. There was a lot of visiting, socializing, dancing and people watching at this event. What a great way to spend a week-end.
Birds Eye View
Youngest Dancer
We try and attend many events throughout the year. The Cashton Bash is considered one of the finest with the complete assembled bands. We are talking 6 piece or more musicians. This brings out the quality of good sounding music. We look forward in attending this festival for that kind of quality. Brian & Jody sure do an excellent job promoting this event and we hope to see more people there next year.
style of music. It is amazing how different sounding a Czech band is versus a Polish Band. I think it is great hearing all the different styles of polka bands. On Saturday the festival began at 11Am and ended at 10Pm. The bands featured were Brian Brueggen and MVD, Squeezebox, Malek's Fishermen and Ralph Thull & The Goodtime Dutchmen. This was another day of fantastic music. These bands were also energized. There were many fantastic and energized dancers on the floor as well. It was great
~~~ Kathy Hulse
~~~Tim Westemeyer
Happy Dance
The 38th Annual Ellsworth, Wisconsin, Polka Fest
performed on Stage two. The bands played from 12Noon to 11Pm. The Sunday Ecumenical Church Service began the day with the Wendinger Band from Minnesota at 10:30Am. The Wendinger Band and Matt Hodek and the Dakota Dutchmen were at stage one. Malek's Fishermen and Julie Lee & White Rose played on stage two. These bands played from 12Noon til 7pm. I can tell you these bands have their fans who enjoy their performances and will follow them across the United States. People were there
girlfriends came to this polka fest for her bacherlette party. They brought their camper and spent the week-end here. She said it was the best thing they could have done cause they met some Wisconsin polka people called the “Rowdy Bunch” who took them under their wing and taught them to do polka, waltz, and schottische. She and her friends now bring their husbands to the festival every year and have lots of fun with their Wisconsin friends and also meeting new people. Yes, I would recommend this town's polka fest to families. It is a great place to meet people, exercise as you are dancing and of course enjoy the fine food they offer. I, myself, enjoy the fresh cheese curds and the fried cheese curds they offer. Yea, you are thinking fried is not the healthiest for you. The way I look at it once a year eating fried cheese curds will do no harm. It is when we over indulge is what gets us into an unhealthy status. I have been attending the Ellsworth Polka
In The Crowd
The 38th Annual Ellsworth, Wisconsin, Polka Fest was held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 12, 13 and 14, 2013. It was held at the Pierce County Fairgrounds. There were two wooden dance floors for energetic dancers to kick up their heels and enjoy the bouncing music. The talented musicians came from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and of course Wisconsin to entertain the crowd. I talked with one musician on Sunday Am who said he attended a funeral in Las Vegas on Saturday and flew into The Twin Cities at 1Am Sunday to play with The Wendinger Band. The festival lit off Thursday evening with Bruce Libby's jam session. On Friday Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen from Wisconsin and Matt Hodeck and the Dakota Dutchmen from North Dakota  played on Stage one. Becky's Ivanhoe Dutchmen out of Iowa and George Concertina Band played on Stage two. There was music from 5pm to 11pm. On Satursday Brian's Mississippi Valley Dutchmen from Wisconsin, Malek's Fishermen from Iowa,and Out-of-Town Czechs from Minnesota 
The Young Rowdy Bunch
from California, Florida, Oregon, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Everyone also enjoyed visiting with their friends they see mainly at these polka fests. There are campers sharing their hospitality, also. Another grand part of a polka fest is watching young parents teaching their children to dance polka and waltz to the toe-tapping music. There were also grade school kids dancing quite well to all the music. I also met a young gal in her early 20's wearing a shirt that read “ Rowdy Bunch”. She told me 3 years ago she and her

Festival for 5 years now. I would like to commend the town council on the improvements they have made over the years. The building fronts are looking brighter and cleaner. It gives the town a feeling of accomplishment that they have a home to be proud of. The fairgrounds were also neat and clean. Thank you Ellsworth for a fun week-end! 
~~~ Kathy Hulse
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