Polkarrific Newsletter
DATE: 04/05/2013
The South Is Full Of Snow Birds, Dances Are Crowed
floor and fun to dance on. It was crowded but many present were there to listen and not dance much. Molly played many different songs than what she did at Riverside but she performed her good show with her playing many instruments. Both dances we sat with Harry and Marilyn, from Durant and Marg and Bill from Geneseo (both from the Eastern Polka Club) and others from Canada and Iowa. Harry had a lot to do with the Durant Polka Fest for many years. Also, a couple we have sat with are Mary and Joe from Council Bluffs. Mary and Joe have been on the Molly B Polka Show filmed in Wahoo, NE. Molly B puts on a wonderful show. We look        
Sec 1†† ~Dancing In Texas  
  Mission, Texas  
Sec 2†† ~ More Texas Dancing
Sec 3†† ~Dancing In Texas St.Joseph Dance  
  Walford, Iowa  
Sec 4†† ~St. Patrick's Dance  
  Duncan, Iowa  
Sec 5†† ~Moose Lodge Polka Festival
Riverside Ballroom, Mission Texas   Janesville, Wisconsin
Jan. 17 we went to Riverside in Mission, TX, to see Molly B group. Cost was $8, over 300 attended. Lots of good music and dancing and great show by Molly, her husband and drummer. Molly played all the instruments she can play in one of her songs and everyone just watched - fantastic and very talented (key board, tiny coronet, saxophone, clarinet, concertina, accordion, drums and sang - such a beautiful voice and talented lady). Riverside is an interesting place as it is right along the Rio Grand and across you see Mexico and Border patrol going by in their boats. The building is rather new and can accommodate a lot of people and they have many events there - drinks and food are available. Many people eat, listen and watch and don't dance much. Jan. 18 we went to Mission Bell, Mission, TX, again for Molly B group. Cost was $10 and they finally had to close the doors as they had over 600 people - this place has a huge floating dance
the dance at Pharr South, Pharr, TX, when we went to dance to Julie Lee. Quite a surprise to me.
~~~ By Juanita Farrell
forward to seeing her in Branson next Nov. and down here in the valley next winter. We also have attended several of Lyle Beaver's dances. He and his drummer have several dances down here. Lyle plays at many polka fests up north and many other dances. At his dances he always plays many good polkas, waltzes, the Schottische and fox trots. He plays at Rio Valley Estates, in Weslaco, every other Mon. night. We love to go to Rio Valley as the people (about 150 to 170 attend) are friendly, cost only $4.50 and the best is cake and coffee at break time and 50/50 drawing which is divided up and not all in one sum which is good. Might mention, that I won $79 in the 50/50 at
Time is getting close to pack it up and head back north for home. It sure was a nice weather in the south this year. Dancing was great and all of our friends are close.
Snowbirds Dance the varnish off the floor in Mission
Good time again with good Polka music. Feb. 10 Barefoot Becky played at Mission Bellm with about 400 attending, cost only $8, lots of dancers and onlookers. Feb. 14 Barefoot Becky played at Riverside along the Rio Grande River, with about 300 attended, $8. Fun place to go as we can eat and dance and just look out the window and see Mexico - beautiful day also. Helen and Alvin went with us and many Polka friends attended.
Feb. 15 Barefoot Becky played at Pharr South in Pharr and about 300 attended and $7. Lots of Polka friends attended including Helen and Alvin from Des Moines and Margaret and Bill from Geneseo. Also, several

Polka friends from eastern Iowa.
Feb. 18, Lyle Beaver and his drummer Dave played at Rio Valley Estates in Weslyco - cost is only 4.50 and about 150 attended. Lyle plays alot of good waltzes, polkas and a good variety. Also want to mention we saw Paul and Shirley today at the annual John Deere (Ankeny plant) dinner down here. I think many of you will remember that Paul furnished the Central Chapter float for the Iowa State Fair parade a few years ago.
Right now we have a few more of Lyle Beavers dances but no more Polka bands coming down to TX.†† ~~~ By Juanita Farrell
Going south for the winter is such a treat for many people. You have the warm climate different surroundings, and so many great people from Iowa. The best part of the trip is all the dances that are available and the great line up of talented musicians who entertain all those dances. If you feel up to it, a few rounds around the dance floor will bring new happiness to everyone. People sure look forward to the trip down south each winter. We sure look forward in seeing our snowbirds when they get back home for the Iowa summer. Lotís of festivals and dances will reunite all of us together.††††††††††††††† ~~~ Tim Westemeyer
St Joesph Dance At Walford, Iowa
One gentlemen told me he had been to the Czech Republic three times and looks forward to a fourth trip in the near future. He especially enjoyed Prague with all the sightseeing. There are parts of the city that are over 1200 years old. There are so many things to see such as castles, unique buildings and bridges that have been standing many years before the pilgrims even came to the US. Everything is in really good condition. This city is very beautiful. I introduced myself to. and having fun out on the dance floor. There was also an elderly gentleman watching the dancers. He told me he used to dance to polka, waltz, schottische and circle two step many years ago when his health was better. Today his son brought him here so he could enjoy listening to Becky's upbeat music and watch everyone have a good time.
Becky & The Ivanhoe Dutchman
On March 10, 2013, Barefoot Becky and The Ivanhoe Dutchmen played for The St. Joseph Dance at The Ponderosa Dance Hall in Walford, Iowa. The dance was sponsored by The Czech Heritage Foundation Inc. out of Cedar Rapids. The Czech Heritage Foundation members organize this dance every year as a scholarship fund raiser. Everyone here was very friendly and eager to share their Czech heritage. They had members with informational pamphlets about the foundation. Today they had a bake sale with great home made kolaches and cinnamon rolls. They also had a silent auction table. There were sandwiches, coleslaw and chips also available to the crowd. There were a few people dressed in Czech attire. The clothing was bright blues, yellows, reds and blues with white or black background. Each costume was worn proudly. It was apparent they were all proud of their heritage
Anyone Can Chicken Dance
The sight of young children at these dances brings new hope for our traditional music and dance. We try to promote this tradition any way we can by offering dance lessons and special events. This St. Joseph Dance is very encouraging to younger people.
Czech dignitary line-up
some young people wearing the Czech costumes with sashes and tierras. The one young boy was wearing a crown. The young boy was a prince. The girls were princesses, Little Sister for the Miss Czech-Slovak Iowa and Miss Czech-Slovak Iowa. They were all busy helping with fund raising this afternoon. We visited for a while and then danced a couple of polkas. We also danced The Butterfly and The Chicken Dance.It was great watching people of all ages dancing
Dancing Is So Much Fun
St Patrick's Day Dance
On March 17, 2013, The big Irish St. Patrick's Day, Malek Fishermen's Band hosted a dance for the North Central Iowa community. This is a Czech Band and Czech Community with a lot of Irish friends to help them celebrate this festive holiday. Even though there was a winter storm warning posted for later in the day there were 150 people there to help celebrate the occasion. There were people there also from Ames, Sioux City, Cedar Rapids, Colorado and Minnesota. Everyone was wearing the festive green color to commemorate the day. There was even the traditional favorite green beverage for those who wanted
Pokey. There were families there with infants, toddlers and grade school age children. These young children were totally enjoying the music and the mixer dances. It is always amazing to me to see how everyone, especially children come alive when they hear polka music! They do a great job learning the hop in no time. It was a pleasure watching parents and grandparents teaching the younger ones how to dance and watching them enjoy family time with each other.†††††††† ~~~ Kathy Hulse
Dancing To Malek's Fishermen
to enjoy it. There were sandwiches and snacks also available. The music was wonderful with the uplifting polkas and waltzes the band was playing. They also played a Waterfall Dance, Schottische, The Chicken Dance and The Hokey
Moose Lodge Dance Festival in Janesville
The Janesville Moose Family Center sponsored their 12th Annual Polka Fest on Friday, March 22, 2013, at Janesville, Wisconsin. The fest started at noon on Friday with Button & Banjo. The 2 other entertaining bands were Ryan Herman & Karl Hartwich and The Rhythm Playboys. On Saturday The Rhythm Playboys started the music at noon. They were followed by Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen. The Goodtime Dutchmen ended the evening at 10Pm with their fantastic polka music. The dance floor was alive with talented dancers of all ages. It is amazing to me to watch couples dancing, especially when they dance a polka. It is obvious there are numerous styles of polka dancing. Some were dancing a other. It was obvious they had liked the dancing by their laughter and smiles they had while out there on the dance floor. I interviewed this young family who was from Illinois. Dad and Mom were John and Crystal. Their children were Emily, 12 years old, Sarah, 20 years old, Ryan, 19 years old and Brianna, 15 years old. They also have 2 other children, Kelly, 25 years old and John the 4th, 24 years old, who were not present. John and his dad play the concertina. Ryan is in college and played the tuba and
Whole Family Enjoys Dancing
baritone in high school. Brianna can play the sax and clarinet. They said they grew up dancing at wedding and anniversary dances. Karl Hartwich played for John and Crystal's wedding. Jim Busta's Band played for Kelly's wedding. Ryan, Emily, Sarah and Crystal like all upbeat polkas. John is half polish, and says he likes the German polkas best. Brianna is partial to country music, but enjoys dancing polka. She also says the key to dancing polka is to listen to the beat and you will have no trouble learning the step.†††††† ~~~Kathy Hulse
polka hop and others danced a polish style upbeat polka. It was most interesting to me as I was watching everyone dance I noticed a young family of 3 girls, a brother, and mom and dad dancing with each other. They would trade partners and take turns dancing a waltz, polka and 2 step with each
Kathy Interviewing Crystal
Dancing Siblings
Dancing To A Mellow Two Step Daughter & Dad Dancing
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