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 November 24, 2012
the state of Iowa.  Many German traditions still continue in Manning such as the annual Kinderfest and Weihnachsfest festivals.  Many of the downtown stores have used Bavarian themes for their store fronts. We continued the tour at the Leet-Hassler Farmstead from the 1910 era.  These buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places.  There was also time to browse through the gift house in the Konferenz Center before participants were treated to a buffet dinner of traditional German foods.  Other events before the dancing began included the official keg tapping and a “home brew”          
SEC 1   ~ Manning Oktoberfest  
  Manning, Iowa  
SEC 2   ~ Sunday Dance Turner Hall
  Keystone, Iowa  
SEC 3   ~ Tailgating At Whistle Binkes
  Rochester, Minnesota  
SEC 4   ~ Polka Party At The Kahler
The Luck Of Pong   Rochester, Minnesota  
SEC 5   ~ Sunday Dance At Duncan Hall
On Saturday, Oct. 13, we traveled to West Central Iowa to Manning, Iowa, for their Oktoberfest at the German Hausbarn Heritage Park.  Events started about 4PM with tours of the authentic thatch-roofed 1660 German Hausbarn (house barn).  This building was originally located in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.  In 1999 it was  
  Duncan, Iowa  
 contest. The dance music provided by Malek’s Fishermen Band began at 7PM and there was a nice wooden floor for dancing.  The band members this evening did not include Eric Malek’s wife, Kimberly, as she had just given birth to their 2nd daughter about 2 days before this.  Congratulations to the Malek family!  The 100 or so persons there thoroughly enjoyed the music and dancing.  During intermission there were games including Masskrugstemmen (where a filled stein of beer is held out in front of the participant at arms length.  The contest is to see who can hold it out there the longest.)  The music and dancing continued until 10PM. 
Bob & Mary Dancing
You have to Love Dancing to stick at it. The exertion of releasing energy. The feeling
Of flowing around the dance floor with grace. We dance because we love it and how it makes us feel.
Doing The Hokey Pokey
dismantled, moved to Manning and reassembled.  Manning’s original settlers were from Schleswig-Holstein and Hannover, Germany.  Until WWI, most residents spoke only German and Manning had what was considered the best German language newspaper in
~~~Tim Westemeyer
~~~ Marilyn Herrick
On October 28, 2012, at 1:30 Pm, Becky and The Ivanhoe Dutchmen were playing in Turner Hall at Keystone, Iowa, so I decided to go to the dance.  It was a beautiful, cool, sunny autumn day outside and when I walked into the hall I could hear happy, uplifting music. The floor was full of dancers. There were lots of older couples dancing to polka music. What I
rest of the year with her grandfather, Lee, and grandmother, Bev. Brianna said she enjoys dancing the polka best. The other girl, Haylee, 8 years old, was here from Dysart with her family. There was a full table with her mom, grandmother, Great grandmother, Great grandfather, aunts and uncles. Haylee said she takes dance classes of tap and ballet, but it did not include polka and waltz. She wanted someone to teach her how to polka and waltz. So she and I got out onto the dance floor. She was eager to learn and did a good job. She got the basics and with practice will be dancing well in no time. We danced a few songs and then took a break. She later had her mom and grandmother up dancing. It was getting close to going home time of 4:00Pm and Haylee was enjoying herself so much, she wanted to stay till 4:30 Pm when the dance ended. The family had to be somewhere and needed to leave. It was encouraging to see an 8 year old having fun here and enjoying the music. Both of these
Everyone Enjoying The Dance
girls were having fun dancing and showed no signs of boredom.  I was so pleased to see grandparents bringing their grandchildren to this dance to listen and dance to Becky and The Ivanhoe Dutchmen. It is so important to bring our young people with us for several reasons. We all realize how important exercise is to our health and we know dancing is one of the best forms of exercise, especially fast polka dancing. It is great, uplifting music, which improves our mental status. It is also a good social outlet.  How wonderful it would be if we could schedule a special dance where grandparents bring their 10 to 17 year old grandchildren to learn to dance. This way there would be other kids there that would be their age and would also make new friends. These grandchildren would get in free of charge for this special dance. I would invite dancing communities to think seriously about this. I would be happy to give my assistance with helping these kids learn how to dance!
Kathy & 14 Year Old Brianna
thought was great to see were a couple of younger gals here enjoying the event. One gal was dancing and the other gal was attentively watching the dancers.  I visited with both of the girls and their families. The older gal, Brianna, 14 years old, was dancing with her grandfather. She started dancing with her grandfather, Lee, when she was 6 years old. He had taught her and her siblings and relatives how to dance polka, waltz and fox trots. He had done a good job, because she was dancing well. She said at school they have a Homecoming and Christmas dance during the year. She likes to dance so she goes to dances the
Kathy & 8 Year Old Haylee
~~~Kathy Hulse
It was served with mashed potatoes and carrots.
I saw servers bring out this food and it looked really good so I decided I would try it myself. It was delicious. I also tried one of the beer specials. The name of it was Pilsner Urquell. The beverage went well with the dinner.
Dancing To Larry Rysavy
On Thursday, November 1, 2012, Whistle Binkies South in Rochester, Minnesota, hosted another Czech Festival. The event started at 5pm with their Dinner Special of Czech Holubky. This was a plate of ground pork and beef, rice and spices wrapped in fresh cabbage and boiled until tender. Larry Rysavy & The Out of Town Czechs started playing at 7Pm. People were coming in fast and filling up the tables. There was not a very big dance floor, but it was full of people dancing polka, waltz and 2 step. Everyone was sure enjoying themselves. North Dakota Fans
The band played till 10Pm. I would recommend this event for those who like to socialize and dance polka and waltz. 
~~~ Kathy Hulse
The Kahler Polka Party was Friday, November 2, Saturday, November 3 and Sunday, November 4, 2012, at Rochester, Minnesota. There were 2 ballrooms in action in the Kahler and 1 ballroom at the Marriott.  On Friday the Heritage Hall sponsored Julie Lee & the White Rose Band alternating with Matt Hodek & the Dakota Dutchmen and Greg Anderson Band. Dale Dahmen & the Polka Beats played in the Windsor Hall. In the Marriott Ballroom the Top Notchmen and Neal Zunker & the Music Connection were playing. On Saturday the music started at
Connection, Gary’s Ridgeland Dutchmen and Leon Olson played until 11 Pm.  There were amazing crowds in each of these halls all day long. All ages of people were dancing and enjoying the polka, waltz, dixieland and 2 step. There were also dancers teaching those who wanted to learn how to dance polka and waltz.  On Sunday the Heritage Hall featured Larry Rysavy & the Out of Town Czechs and Barry Boyce playing from Noon till 6 pm. This polka festival is considered one of the last festivals of the year. For the many people who attended this festival their next journey will be to some warm climate down south. It is also considered the ballroom of polka & waltz dancing

The Dakota Dutchmen
The Barry Boyce Band
These dancers who came to this polka party were from Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota, and of course Minnesota. The best comment I heard was that this was the “Crem of the Crem “ Polkafests to attend. This was one Polka Party they would not miss!
Olivia & Josephine ~~~Kathy Hulse
Dancing with that special person can make the biggest difference in the world.
noon. The Heritage Hall had Matt Hodek & the Dakota Dutchmen, Greg Anderson Band, Malek’s Fishermen and Barry Boyce Band. The Boyce Band played until midnight. In The Windsor Hall Adam & the Jolly Jammers and Barefoot Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen performed till 10 Pm. At the Marriott Hall Top Notchmen, Neal Zunker & the Music
~~~Tim Westemeyer
Dancing in Heritage Hall
sister, Shirley, were taking tickets. Eric was serving refreshments. Eric’s wife, Kim, was there with the two little girls. Several people came down from Minnesota to attend this dance. Wayne got started and had several people up on the dance floor. Half way through the set they played a Schottische. Tom Plummer had his son with him and he played drums for the band and he sure sounded good. Wayne’s brother, Cliff, even got up and sang a few songs. The gang in the kitchen was serving up some great food for those who had an appetite. Eric, Melvin, & some of the others
Wayne Ripke Band
November 18, 2012,
Duncan Community Hall sponsored another fine dance with music by the Wayne Ripke Band out of North West Iowa. The band opened at 2 Pm with two waltzes. The crowd started off small, but soon grew to around 100 people.  Eric & Bob were working as volunteers at the hall. Bob & his
Dancing The Schottische
took turns serving refreshments. The band continued playing throughout the afternoon and everyone sure enjoyed the music and dance. Things came to an end quickly. People always look forward to coming back to the Duncan Community Hall in Duncan, Iowa.
~~~Tim Westemeyer
Don't forget about the New Year's Eve Party at the Croatian Center in Des Moines. One great way to bring in the New Year. (See Flyer At Keyman's Corner)
The staff at Polkarrific would like to wish all of you Happy Holidays and please drive safely to your destinations. We look forward to the next newsletter after the first of the year.   Best wishes, Keyman & Kathy
Marilyn Herrick
Tracy Price
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