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October 4, 2012
Posaunenchor Altenmedingen Band from Germany
from Iowa people who have an interest in the music and these instruments. If anyone would like a German pen pal, please contact me. They would like to hear about beginner's musical education, new literature, and enterprises of other bands. Director Hans Kramer has been with the band for 35 years and has them organized to perfection. At this performance, Hans extended an open invitation to all members of the Greater Des Moines Community Band to come to Germany and perform with them.
SEC 1†† ~ Altenmedingen Band Tour
  Des Moines, Iowa  
SEC 2†† ~ Humboldt Polka Festival  
  Humboldt, Iowa  
SEC 3†† ~ Duncanfest    
  Duncan, Iowa  
Concert At Edgewater Care Center SEC 4†† ~ Oktoberfest Fort Dodge  
  Fort Dodge, Iowa  
On Sunday, Aug. 12, at the Iowa State Fair we enjoyed the performance of the German Brass Band - Posaunenchor (Trombone Choir) Altenmedingen - from Altenmedingen, Germany (near Hamburg). They and the Greater Des Moines Community Band put on separate and combined performances that day. This was the final of 11 concerts the German band had performed since arriving in Iowa nearly 14 days ago. Other concerts were at Edgewater Senior Living Center, Colby Park in Windsor Heights, farmers markets in Waukee and West Des Moines, Sweet Corn Festival in Adel, and at the church services at Faith Lutheran Church in Clive. The band in Germany consists of 60 members and 25 of them were able to make the trip to Iowa. Over half the members of the band are under age 25. In Germany, this church band performs over 90 times a year and members have traveled and performed in Poland, United SEC 5†† ~ Oktoberfest Des Moines  
  Des Moines, Iowa  
Let's not forget the 24th Annual Polka Party in Rochester, MN November 2nd - 4th.Information can be gotten at Keyman's Corner on the event's link.It's that time of the year for the best ballroom of polkadancing in the midwest.
Concert At Waukee
According to the organizers, this was an exciting two weeks, not only for the band members but for the host families, the organizing committee and all those who were honored to get to know these musicians.
~~~ Marilyn Herrick It won't be long and many of you will be heading down south for the winter. Please have a safe trip and enjoy the warm climate.
Kingdom, Argentina, France as well as the United States. In Germany, this "church band" also performs at birthday celebrations, hospitals, and retirement centers. The all-brass band consists of trombones, tubas, trumpets, and baritones plus a drummer. This Posaunenchor was founded in 1912 and this year is celebrating 100 years as a band. The original band consisted of 20 members and was only open to men. Today's band consists of both men and women who play equally well. While some members learned their instruments as adults, the band promotes the musical education of especially the younger members so the band can continue for another 100 years. Currently the youngest member is 14 and the oldest just turned 75. They would like to hear (by email)
Final State Fair Concert
Please stay in touch with us. Send an email or two and tells us about the dances down south. Send me a story & a few pic's and I will post it in the news letter.
Fans Join In To Dance
23rd Annual Humboldt Festival
The 23rd Annual Midwest Polka fest was held at the Humboldt, Iowa, Fairgrounds on Labor Day Week-End, August 30, 2012, through Sunday, September 2, 2012. The Fairgrounds are located in northwest Iowa, where Hwy. 3 intersects with Hwy 169. There were numerous campers who brought their RV, campers, tents, or drove in for the day and then stayed in a nearby motel for the night. The first night of entertainment was Thursday, August 30, with Leon Olsen. The crowd danced with their music from 6Pm to 10Pm. On Friday, August 31, the crowd was busy dancing on two dance floors. On stage 2 The Top Notchmen started playing Foxtrots and Country Western Music at 2Pm.
an awesome job! It was obvious that Philip is into music! The MVD played until 8Pm. They drove from Wisconsin and played their full set, which was until 8Pm, without a break. I asked them why they did not break and they said the band was having fun playing and the crowd was enjoying themselves so much they just kept playing. Stage 2 was also busy with the Top Notchmen and Malekís alternating their music until 10Pm.
Dancing To A Waltz
dancers this is a great way to exercise and stay in shape. On Sunday, September 2, a 10Am Sunday service was held on the grounds. At Noon Stage 1 opened with Lyle Beaver Trio and alternated with Karl and The Country Dutchmen till 8Pm. On Stage 2 Leon Olson alternated with Top Notchmen from Noon until 8Pm. On Stage 3 Squeezebox played from Noon until 4Pm. There were 10 bands that entertained nearly 800 people at this polka fest ! There were also sandwiches, dinners, desserts and beverages available all weekend. This was a wonderful and entertaining polka festival !
At 4 Pm Malekís Fishermen played on Stage 2 and Brianís Mississippi Valley Dutchmen started playing on Stage 1. Both bands started with a waltz. Then they played polkas. Even though it was 85 plus degrees outside people were dancing up a storm to these fine bands! There were dancers of all ages enjoying themselves. There were even toddlers dancing with their parents and grand parents. There was also a 9-year-old boy, Philip, from Wisconsin dancing polka, Waltz, line dancing and swing with the gals! He was enjoying himself immensely! Philipís dad, Brian Brueggen, and grandfather, Phil Brueggen, orchestrate the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen. Philip also played the concertina this evening for everyone. He did
Phillip Plays The Concertina
On Saturday, September 1, Stage 1 at 11Am began with The Wendinger Band from Minnesota. They alternated with Karl and The Country Dutchmen from Wisconsin, and Becky and The Ivanhoe Dutchmen from Iowa. Becky and The Ivanhoe Dutchmen played until 11Pm. On Stage 2 at 12 Pm the Top Notchmen alternated playing with Squeezebox from Ohio and the Goodtime Dutchmen from Wisconsin until 11Pm. At noon on Stage 3 Brian and the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen played until 4Pm. These bands were all great! They made you want to do some toe tapping! From the looks of the
~~~ Kathy Hulse
Both Bands Join In
10th Annual Duncanfest
The Duncan, Iowa, Community hosted their Annual Duncanfest on Saturday, September 15, and Sunday, September 16. This was the 10th Annual Duncanfest at the Duncan Community Ballroom. The celebration actually began Friday evening behind the Duncan Ballroom at 6 Pm with a potluck. There were campers already set up for the festival. There was a spread of food ranging from spaghetti, stew, lasagna, fresh tomatoes, garlic bread, salads, cookies, and even fresh apple and fresh berry pies. Everyone was enjoying the meal and visiting with each other. While I sat and also enjoyed the meal I learned that most of these people know each other. They travel from other states to attend these festivals. After the meal Eric Malek, an organizer of the Duncanfest, had started a bon fire.
queen ceremony the crowd anxiously got out onto the dance floor and started dancing more polkas. It seemed, as they were re-energized after the short ceremony. It may have been due to the great food they were serving in the kitchen. They offered authentic homemade Czech Kolaches, potato dumplings and sauerkraut. There also were Brats, Polk Loin dinners and sandwiches, chips, potato salad and home made pies and ice cream available. I left the dance at 4Pm with a full dance floor of stimulated patrons continuing to dance and have fun. I am always amazed when I attend these polka dances and fests for my review how happy and friendly everyone is and how much fun they have. It is a great event to attend and to keep the adrenaline flowing and keep high levels of serotonin for these happy dancers!
Grandma Swings Josephine
The Goodtime Dutchmen from Kewaskum, Wisconsin, took over the music. These 2 bands alternated playing till 7Pm when Larry Rysavy & The Out-Of-Town Czechs from Rochester, Minnesota, started to play. They played till 10Pm. All 3 bands had great sounds. There were all ages of people there enjoying the music. Everyone was out on the dance floor relishing his or her music. It seemed to me that there were a lot of people dancing most of the dances. They did not sit much of the time. They were there to dance and dance they did! On Sunday The Malekís Fishermen Band played an 8Am Polka Mass at their St. Wenceslaus Church in Duncan. A Breakfast Buffet was served at the Ballroom at 9Am. At 12Noon The
~~~ Kathy Hulse
Marge & Elaine Dancing a Waltz
Out-Of-Town Czechs started the day of entertainment. They alternated the day of festivities with Barefoot Becky & The Ivanhoe Dutchmen from Mt. Vernon, Iowa. At 1:30Pm they had the Duncan Queen Contest. Every year a gal is crowned to represent the Duncan Community Ballroom for a year. She is presented with a Duncanfest Sash and Tierra to wear when she attends polka dances, especially Duncan dances. After the
Everyone gathered their chairs around the fire to enjoy some music and socialization. There were 8 musicians there to jam and entertain the crowd. On Saturday The Malekís Fishermen Band from Duncan, Iowa, started the festival at 12 Noon. They started playing their music and the dance floor was full within a few minutes. You could tell these people love their music and dancing. At 2PM
Mary Wins Congeniality & Elaine Wins Duncan Queen Contest
Oktoberfest Fort Dodge
from the Des Moines area attended. Some community and commercial groups food stands set up at one end of the tent area. There was also a large screen TV for people to watch the Iowa football game during the afternoon. The bands started playing at noon with Karl and the Country Dutchmen up first. Many couples were dancing and everyone was enjoying the music. There was a good age range of dancers from 6 years old and up. Next the Wendinger Band took the stage. Drummer, John Wendinger, son of the late Paul Wendinger, has a good rapport with audiences and encourages everyone's participation in the dancing and music enjoyment. This variety music continued until 7PM. We did not stay for the after-7PM country rock band, Mustang Sally. We understand there is always a large crowd for this music too. Thank you to the Ft. Dodge planning committee and businesses who planned and promoted this event."
Kaylene With Her New Dirndl ~~~Marilyn Herrick
††† Sept. 22, 2012
This annual event was held at the bandshell area of Oleson Park in Ft. Dodge. The weather this year was sunny but chilly with a strong breeze blowing. The huge tent was set up in the park and the canvas sides were in place which created a nice warm interior. There was a large wooden floor for the dancing. Several couples
Gathering Dancers
9th Annual Oktoberfest Des Moines
Des Moines, Iowaís, Ninth Annual Oktoberfest was held outside Hessen Haus, 191 Fourth Street, on Friday, September 28 and Saturday, September 29, 2012, with polka dancing, contests, music and of course, bier. Des Moines has been hosting an annual Oktoberfest since 2004. Justin Berkley, the managing partner of Buzzard Billyís and general manager of Hessen Haus is the burgermeister or grand marshal of all things Oktoberfest. The burgermeister Is like the master of ceremonies. The master of ceremonies puts a face on and lets people know the time of events, what is going on and who is involved. This person also gets everyone fired up to take off his or her cool-kid hats and just have fun.
The Oktoberfest kicked off at 4 Pm Friday with The Tapping of The Golden Keg (which means free bier while it lasts). Malekís Fishermen Band from Garner, Iowa, started off the music. Everyone
There was a large crowd, young and old, out on the street dancing and having lots of fun. At 9:30Pm there was the Bier Maiden Contest. The stage was full of contestants. There was a winner crowned. At 10 Pm the live music restarted with The Barry Boyce Band from Omaha, Nebraska. The dancing soon restarted. There was a lot of polka dancing going on. It was neat to see that everyone had his or her own style of dancing. No one cared. They were all having a great time kicking up their heels. On Saturday the afternoon began at 4 Pm with polka lessons by the members of
Early Crowd Gathers
was down to three contestants and then the final young man was crowned the victorious winner. He wore his crown proudly, especially after Barry Boyce and his band started playing for everyone. The winner was out on the dance floor kicking up his heels. There were more people out dancing tonight than on Friday night. I must say I was really impressed with this Oktoberfest. There were many guys wearing their lederhosen and gals in their dirndls or bier maiden costumes. One young gal was even wearing short lederhosen and looked great. They served authentic German dishes that included Wienerschnitzel, German Brats, Spaetzle, Jaegerschnitzel, Schweine Flugel, and many more. The food was excellent and of course the German Biers were great!
Ron Drives The Sax
the Iowa Polka Club. There were even young moms and dads there with their infants, toddlers and school aged children learning to dance. There were many people there from all different ethnic cultures. Everyone was united, joining together and having a blast. The Malekís Fishermen Band started the music at 7 Pm. Man, did this band get the crowd fired up! The dancing space was really crowded, but no one seemed to care. Everyone kept dancing. At 9:30 Pm they held The Stein-holding Contest. There were 18 contestants who entered the contest. It was not easy holding a liter of bier with your arm extended out straight and not spilling any of the beverage. At last it
So Prost! Late September is time for Oktoberfest (just go with it, itís a German thing). Itís time for giant biers, German food, lederhosen and dirndls. It is a time to polka your heart out. Take time next year to enjoy the Des Moines Oktoberfest. You will be glad you did!
Malek's Fishermen
was enjoying the atmosphere and free bier. There were people everywhere! The Hessen Haus was bursting at the seams. There was also Al Landin, Accordion Stroller, inside the German Restaurant. At 7pm The Bill Koncar Band from Minnesota took the stage.
~~~Kathy Hulse
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