Tom Plummer


NAME: Tom Plummer

RESIDES AT: Lake City, Iowa

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Tuba, Electric Bass, Trumpet, & Trombone.

Al Hesse, Eddie Skeets, Tuxedo Junction, Becky & The Ivanhoe Dutchmen, Malek's Fishermen, The Coppersmiths, Wayne Ripke, & Showin' Daylight.

Tom Plummer has an interesting music career. He started off around 1974 in the 4th grade. He took music lessons from Larry “Boomer” Kisor. Larry was also one of Tom’s mentors along with Dr. Randy Kohlenberg, Eddie Skeets, & Frank Galewski.

Tom went on to be a 2-time All-State Tuba player in high school. After that he ended up getting a Tuba Major in College. In 1986 Tom began directing music in high school where he remains a band director to this day. Tom can play music by reading sheet and can also play by ear.

In 1980 Tom Plummer was 16 and played many dance band gigs. Some of Tom’s old time favorites are Der Cammack, Tim Morrissey, Frank Galewski, & Jim Dorschner. Tom has played with many talented musicians who were also great people. For the first 20 years of his dance band career he played 95 % modern gigs. Now he plays all old time gigs. In his teaching career he is well known for his jazz bands. The most important thing Tom told me was that he has a great time playing gigs and entertaining people over the years.

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