Eric Malek


NAME: Eric Malek

RESIDES AT: Duncan, Iowa

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Trumpet, Valve Trombone, Concertina

Malek's Fishermen Band, Brian's Mississippi Valley Dutchmen, Wayne Ripke, Harvey Becker, New Jolly Swiss Boy's, Goodtime Dutchmen, Cory Miller, & Karl and the Country Dutchmen.

Eric Malek comes from the little Czech community of Duncan, Iowa. Eric started his music career off in the 5th grade where he played all the way thru high school. He played in concert bands, marching bands, jazz bands, and the pep band. One of Ericís motivations for playing music was in his family. His father & grandfather had played in their own band and Eric learned a lot from these band members. As he got older he took two concertina lessons from Jerry Minar. Eric can read sheet music and also plays by ear. He can play the concertina, valve trombone, & trumpet very well.

Eric has two mentors in the music field and they are his grandpa, Syl Malek, & his dad, Bob Malek. Eric works full time for the local Coop Feed Mill in Garner, Iowa. He continues to play music for The Malek Fishermen Band. Eric enjoys playing music for dances where people are having a great time.

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