Don Van Diepen


NAME: Don Van Diepen

RESIDES AT: Indianola, Iowa

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Tenor Banjo, Mandolin, Rhythm Guitar, Accordion, & Tuba.

Blechaís Poverty Band, Iowa Dutchmen, Jolly Home Brewers, Wayne Ripke Band, Beckyís Ivanhoe Dutchmen, Alís Last Polka Band, Malekís Fishermen. Many others, part time.

Don Van Diepen started his music years learning how to play basic music cords from his uncle. Most of the time Don learned how to play music by himself since he did not take any music course in school. Then around 1952 Don learned how to play the Button Accordion. All of this was self-taught. Don learned to play music by ear and most musicians call that faking it. Then in 1961 Don learned how to play the Tuba. Throughout his musical years Don had several mentors that inspired him. They were: Francis King, Harold Loeffelmacher, Der Cammack, Ernie Havorka, Ray Dusatco, & Tom Plummer.

Don worked full time for the telephone company as a troubleshooter until he retired. Don enjoys collecting things including- antique radios, phonographs and records, juke boxes, alarm clocks, farm type hit & miss gas engines, Model A Ford cars and early V8s.

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