Saturday October 1, 2011, takes us to Galena, Illinois, where over 5,000 people gathered for Oktoberfest. The Jim Busta Band started the fest off with some great music. They even had a weiner dog race which was rather interesting and funny to watch. Also, the Goodtime Dutchmen took the stage later in the afternoon. People really knew how to have fun at this event.

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Ready To Tap Keg

Tapping The Keg

Jim Busta Band

Two Festers

More Festers

Swing Her, Kathy

Can I Dance ?

Crowd Looks On

Wiener Dog Race

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Kathy and Me

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Goodtime Dutchmen

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Learning The Dance

Allisa & Mckinsey

Donna & Allen

What A Crew

Chicken Song


Kathy & I left for Dubuque, Iowa, to stay at my parent's house. We had plans to attend the Galena Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 1, 2011. We had a good visit with my parents. We got up Saturday morning and had some brunch. We left Dubuque around 11 Am heading for Galena, Illinois.

We arrived in Galena around 11:30 and went to the park that had set up for this Oktoberfest. I was told that it was the 5th year Galena sponsored this event. The Lions Club organized it and they sure did a fine job. I think this year they were taken by surprise with the staggering crowd of over 5000 people. Things were a little slow in the beverage and food areas. Lines backed up over 50 people at a time. It took some time and finally they got more people to help speed up the services.

As we went into the fest tent we saw & heard the Jim Busta Band up on stage. In front of the stage they had a 24 x 28 wood dance floor. We found a place to sit to the right of the band. Kathy and I got up and danced a couple polkas. The floor was not too bad to dance on. It was sitting on a slight grade and a little wavy, but served the purpose. The best part was NO DANCE WAX and that sure made dancing fun. As many of my readers know I am not a supporter of putting dance wax on dance floors.

We had my mom & dad with us and they enjoy listing to polka music. My mom listens to KOEL every Sunday morning. Mom can't dance due to a medical condition, but they still enjoy the music.

Soon the band took a break and we talked to Sparky & Jim. Crystal was drumming and Nick & Mark filled in. I just want to tell you that these guys sounded awesome. We visited with Nick and his wife, Pam. We also talked to the rest of the band members.

A young gal from Dubuque was now up to give some dance lessons. She had a dance studio called Jennifer's Dance Studio. She got a group of people up on the dance floor along with some of her students to teach some polka. Soon she had about 10 people doing the polka. I was very surprised of all the young people that showed interest in dancing.

It was now time for the band to play. Kathy & I continued to dance to more polkas. We danced to a lot of songs. It was cool in the tent, but you still worked up a sweat. We got a young couple up on stage and showed them how to polka. I danced with the gal and Kathy with the guy. They were anxious to learn. Kathy and I talked to our friends, Allen & Donna. As we were dancing Allen danced with Kathy and I danced with Donna. We visited off and on through out the afternoon with them. Kathy was dancing with two little girls that were enjoying the moment. Allisa & Mckinsey were sure having fun. They already were familiar with dancing since they were in Ballet.

Finally the band was done and the Goodtime Dutchmen were taking the stage for their set. Before they started Jennifer had some more dance lessons. After the lessons the band fired up with "Let's Have A Party." They were sounding real good. Ralf and the gang sounded terrific. We even got a treat with Tuba Dan on the tuba.

We continued to dance to several more of their waltzes and polkas. The dance floor was starting to get more brave people up dancing. Even a couple that might have Oktoberfested a little too much. Everyone was sure having a great time listing and dancing to this fine music. It was now getting time for us to pack up for Dubuque.

We sure would like to thank the Galena Lions Club and all of their volunteers for this wonderful event. This is the first time Kathy & I attended this Oktoberfest and we already marked the calendar for next year's Oktoberfest. The Jim Busta Band and the Goodtime Dutchmen did a fantastic job showing this crowd what polka music is all about. As I look across the crowd of people all I could see was smiles.