Wednesday February 16, 2011 takes us to Crescent Run Community in Mesa, Arizona. They were the sponsors of a dance who the Goodtime Dutchmen Trio from Kewaskum, Wisconsin were down here to entertain everyone. Soon over 115 polka loving people filled the dance hall. Everyone was dancing to this great Wisconsin band.

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Great Crowd

Goodtime Dutchmen Trio

Heidi & Lad

More Dancers

Nice Crowd

Lorna, Kathy, Lorna, & Barry

Let's Waltz

Don, Mary Lou, & Ralph

Don Playing Banjo

A Foxtrot

Hey Lad !

Let's Two Step

Kathy and I are sure enjoying the weather here in Phoenix. We left the house around 5:30 Pm to Mesa, Arizona. We were in route for Crescent Run Community. It is located on the East side of Mesa. From where we were staying that was a 45-minute drive. We arrived at the Community around 6:30Pm and found a parking spot. The weather was cooling down to about 70 degrees by now.

We got to the door and went inside and paid our admission. Our good friend and polka club member, Lorna, soon greeted us at the door. She & Betty were down here for the winter. Betty had a cold and did not make the dance tonight. Lorna invited us to sit at her table with a couple of her friends from Alberta Canada. We were introduced to Barry and his wife, Lorna.

We saw more people we knew sitting across from us who were Dennis, Jane, Delbert, & Lori. Also, on the other side of the room was Kathy's cousin, Dennis, from Park River, North Dakota. We talked to Dennis a little. We walked around a little talking to several other people. I stopped up and talked to Ralph and Mary Lou. They were getting ready to play some music.

It was now topping the clock at 7 Pm and the Goodtime Dutchmen Trio was starting to play. They started off with a polka. We got up on the second polka song and danced around the floor. I already knew that this was going to be a great dance when I noticed a sign by the door when we came in. The sign said "No Dance Wax On The Floor". As we danced the first few polkas I knew the floor was perfect. It's nice dancing around the room and not having to worry about slipping on the dance wax.

Kathy and I danced to several more polkas and waltzes. We were having a great time dancing to the Goodtime Dutchmen Trio. It was Mary Lou's first time on the drums tonight. If I was Russ I'd be nervous of loosing my job playing drums for the Dutchmen. Mary Lou was doing a great job.

So now it was break time and we had a chance to visit more. I saw Lad and Heidi sitting at a table and I went over to talk to them. Lad's daughter, Leslie, is our friend from Des Moines. Leslie helped me a lot in getting the music grant for the Waukee High School Oktoberfest Dance. Lad & Heidi travel a lot and stay out in Phoenix for the winter. Leslie was out here a few weeks ago and we missed her. Steve comes out to Phoenix on business throughout the year.

The break was short and the band started to play some more. We continued to dance to several more songs. It's real hard getting back into the dance after being away from it as long as we were. We got pretty sore last Friday dancing to The Jim Busta band at the Pulaski club. Dancing is a great form of exercise and we enjoy dancing. We just need to go to more dances. We will plan our schedule for all the summer dances soon and then we can get back into the swing.

It was now getting close to the end of the dance and we decided to leave a little early. We still had a 45-minute drive to get back to our place. We said good-bye to some friends and headed for our place. We sure enjoyed this dance at the Crescent Run Community hall. It was a nice place to have a dance.